Visualizing a Whatsapp-Conversation

In the last post I showed how I imported a Whatsapp-conversation and tidied it up a bit. Now I want to analyze it. For that I will use the libraries dplyr, stringr and ggplot2.

As a first step, I format the dates properly and create some new columns. I also decide to just focus on two years, 2016 and 2017.

  #convert DAte to the date format.
        Date=as.Date(Date, "%d.%m.%y"),
        year = format(Date,format="%y"),
        hour =  as.integer(substring(Time,1,2))
        #I filtered for two year, 2016/17

  labs(title="Numbers of Messages by Hour", subtitle="Total of two Years",
       y="Number Messages", x="Hour")

See more about the writing behavior of me an my friend, there is more formatting necessary. The words need to be counted too. To do so I use the stringr-library with str_count(data$Message, "\\S+")

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Importing a WhatApp-Conversation in R

I recently saw some people on Reddit analyzing their chat-conversations and I wanted to try it too. You can export a Whatsapp-Conversation by sending it as an Email to yourself. You will receive a txt-File with all the conversations. Because it isn’t formatted in a useful manner, you have to do it yourself. I will do this in this post and analyse the data in a second one. So this will be a bit more technical than usual. You can find the complete code here.

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